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Thank you for visiting us for Nanatsu no taizai 231 english scans of manga and spoiler! Please keep coming back for newer chapters of nanatsu no taizai! The action show in this one was pretty good and it was nice to the sins all working together, but still it would've been better if melascula was actually destroyed. But considering that elaine would've disappeared if melascula was destroyed, it was probably for the better that she was shrunken and not destroyed. Plus I was disappointed that we didn't get to see meliodas facing off against escanor in this one, as it seemed like it was going to happen from the previous chapter. But with those two firmly ready to face with one another in the next chapter, I look forward to seeing that. It made sense that melascula's true form was that of a snake since it explains how she had a unhinged mouth with a long tongue and why she could turn into a gigantic snake. But escanor vs meliodas assault mode is going to be insane! Both will brawl inside a cube!

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