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Thank you for visiting us for Nanatsu no taizai 231 english scans of manga and spoiler! Please keep coming back for newer chapters of nanatsu no taizai! The action show in this one was pretty good and it was nice to the sins all working together, but still it would've been better if melascula was actually destroyed. But considering that elaine would've disappeared if melascula was destroyed, it was probably for the better that she was shrunken and not destroyed. Plus I was disappointed that we didn't get to see meliodas facing off against escanor in this one, as it seemed like it was going to happen from the previous chapter. But with those two firmly ready to face with one another in the next chapter, I look forward to seeing that. It made sense that melascula's true form was that of a snake since it explains how she had a unhinged mouth with a long tongue and why she could turn into a gigantic snake. But escanor vs meliodas assault mode is going to be insane! Both will brawl inside a cube!

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Penguin is one of the members of the Heart Pirates. His name was revealed in SBS Volume 62. Penguin is an average sized lean man. Like most of the Heart Pirates he wears a beige overall, with their Jolly Roger displayed on the back and the chest pocket, as well as brown boots. He wears a black cap with a yellow brim, a red pompon on top and his name displayed on the front.

His appearance after the timeskip is pretty much the same as before except the red pompon has now been replaced with a decoration that looks like a young emperor penguin, probably as a reference to his name. Not much is known about him yet. Like Shachi, he likes women, and is loyal to his captain, Law. He resisted the burst of Haki released by Silvers Rayleigh in the Human Auction House which shows that he has a strong will. He was seen carrying a spear when defending Zou from Jack and his army. After a long voyage following one of the Log Pose routes of the Grand Line, Law and his crew came to the Sabaody Archipelago to prepare themselves for the New World. He was seen standing behind his captain as he talked to X Drake. He is later seen with his captain at the Human Auctioning House, to observe the auction taking place.

After interruptions by Luffy, the Heart Pirates found themselves fighting to escape, alongside Eustass Kid's and Luffy's crews, in the face of a daunting Marine attack. Alongside the rest of his crew Penguin fought against one of the Pacifistas; though the outcome of this battle was not seen they eventually managed to escape. During the Whitebeard War, the Heart Pirates and Penguin were initially present on the Sabaody Archipelago where the broadcast of Ace's execution was being shown. He was presumably watching the events at Marineford unfold, along with the Supernovas and they set sail immediately after the broadcast was cut. He can be seen on the Heart Pirates submarine as they emerge towards the end of the war to pick up a critically injured Luffy and Jinbe. Penguin lands on Amazon Lily alongside the rest of his crew and is seen trying to keep Luffy, maddened over the loss of his brother Ace, down so he does not injure himself further. After Rayleigh arrives, the Heart Pirates leave Amazon Lily. Penguin expresses his disappointment about not getting a chance to see inside the all-female kingdom. Later out in the open sea, Law explains about waiting for the right time to enter the New World. Law tells his crew to follow his orders so he can steal the proper throne. Penguin and his crewmates cheer for their captain. While Law was staying at Punk Hazard, Penguin and the rest of the Heart Pirates crew went to Zou. During the Beasts Pirates' invasion, the Heart Pirates assisted the Mink Tribe.Right after Wanda and Carrot stopped a fight between Luffy and a guardian, the Heart Pirates got reacquainted with Luffy and were excited to hear that Law is on Zou as well. When Law arrived at their location, the Heart Pirates were overjoyed to be reunited with him.

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