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Thank you for visiting us for Nanatsu no taizai 228 english scans of manga and spoiler! Please keep coming back for newer chapters of nanatsu no taizai! The action from the sins in last chapter was quite good and I liked what king had to show with chastiefol. Not to mention, it was nice to see escanor back in his sun form, although it would've been much better to have actually seen fighting from him. Plus just seeing melascula looking gobsmacked was a pretty nice moment as well. But now that diane has been taken over and elizabeth has woken up, it will be pretty good to see just what elizabeth might do with goddess powers to break diane out of her current state. Merascylla gets even more creepier in this chapter. And I'm glad we get some tension plus good villain since this manga has been missing them for a while ever since fraudrin's defeat. The panel with merascylla dumbfounded expression and diane crying blood was good. Love them. Also the mighty escanor returns. I hope we'll see rematch with estarossa.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 228 - 1

The new awesome nanatsu no taizai 228 is coming, I think Merascylla is gonna go out in a similar way. She's getting the whole Diane thing next chapter, and maybe a little into the one after, then they'll directly confront her, Mel's gonna scare her shitless or maybe Elaine is going to shatter Merascylla's image of how Elaine should feel in her current situation, triggering her decree how Galan's got triggered. I hate Merascylla in the context of the story because she's messed with a bunch of characters I like. But she's been a pretty good villain, she's fun to see, she's got pretty cool powers and most importantly, she's actually somewhat threatening considering we all know who will win this. And it just feels "right" to hate her. She's exactly how I want my villains in these kinds of stories. I want to enjoy hating a good villain and I most certainly do and these latest chapters only solidify that.  I think it's underselling her quite a bit to say she's just the Ten's butt monkey tbh. Again, I don't like Merascylla as a character at all, but I think she's done a great job at Corrand so far and I'm really looking forward to what she's gonna do next. Get the latest nanatsu no taizai 228 spoiler pics and summaries here.

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Nanatsu No Taizai MANGA 228 [English]

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I'm really digging where this fight is going. Forgot to mention it but I hope we see diane wreck some here before ellie and elaine arrive. No one is going to fight her and with a  consciousnesses inhabiting her mind gowther is going to have serious trouble to get to diane this time altho it'd be a really nice way to come full circle to have him save her by manipulating her mind again. I know papa gowther already did that but it'd be neat to have doll gowther follow in his daddy's footsteps and escanor sure as hell won't go all out on a comrade of his he seems to value the sins in either "Mode" merlin might try to restrain her but I think that's gonna be the extend of it. As baum said, it was a theory we were playing with, considering elaine hinted in her dialogue with helbram it was something that would affect her brother, but not specifically ban, so it shouldn't have been about mera being there and a bad omen to her and all who love her. Yeah, they need holy, purifying power to oust this. Ellie is back in the game,  contrary to others' wishes, I'd rather zeldris-chan and monspeet and derriere were redeemed other than glo and dolor, which already pretty much happened, if the latter 2 are alive. I want to see derriere finally getting it through her thick skull that elizabeth was never her enemy, but rather an odd, un-asked for friend and ally. After all, part of ellie's curse is particularly due to the kindness she showed these 2.